In summary this is a blog, which administrate and maintain from group of enthusiastic people, who everyday remove errors caused by their carelessness or someone else haven`t done his job correctly.

The blog is devided into few basic categories: Software, Hardware and Social questions.

In "HEBROS SOFTWARE" we are exposing solutions of problems, in which we have run into.
In particular for followed languages and products:
    - Qt and Cassandra - their connection and the error relevant to them
    - Qt/C++ - best practices in untraditional ideas for plaing
    - Java Wicket - a lot of niceties and removing errors
    - CSS - nice tricks with the newest possibilities
    - JavaScript - ideas and problems

In "HEBROS HARDWARE" new products in the market will be presented and discussed if they are worthed to be purchased.
The solutions of untraditional hardware problems and best practices.

In "HEBROS SOCIETY" will be presented points of view about the problems which have gathered head, as social and political questions.


RAZORlabs, it can`t be called as a project.
And what exactly it is?

A few colleagues and I found a company in which we develope software products.
What I am talking about is:

Firstly we will start with the most progressive sphere -

We create websites for everyone:
    - personal website - most people like to introduce themselves to the world
    - blog - everyone have the right to express himself
    - presentation website - every trademark need to have such a website to present itself to the clients
    - news portal - everyone want to be inform about the things which are happening around him or the new world tendencies
    - social portal - certain company desides to have a close/local network between its employees and only they could announce news, discuss products and etc.
    - mobile site - the mobile phones will be everywhere in the future, the websites have to be modify and shown in their magnificence on the clients phone, and make easier the access to the contents of your site
    - webstore - we constantly buy stores from everywhere and always search the best price

We have developers who design and create applications for :
    - mobile phones, mainly we are specialized in developing applications for Android Market and Ovi Store
    - with advertising purpose
    - with entertainment purpose
    - with informing purpose
    - with practical purpose

We create and desktop applications:
    - chat programs
    - booking programs
    - 3D programs for room presentation, which you can furnished or to place another object, which you may present to your clients
    - table programs, which have specific requirements
    - programs for managing storehouses and invoice making